Tuesday, September 07, 2010


How many of you reading this, remember Dada Records situated at Funan Centre in the 90s? I have fond memories of this great CD store and its owner, Peter, who was astute enough to make relevant musical recommendations (he actually pushed Verve and Blur to me! Good tastes, man!!) 

Well, I do recall one occasion when I made my weekly visit to the store and Peter was thrilled to show me the CD where the band shared his store's name. The CD was playing over the store PA and I must admit by the third song, I was totally hooked!

Dada - the band - was/is a power trio (Joie Calio, Michael Gurley, Phil Leavitt) with the coolest influences (viz. Beatles, The Who, Led Zep) with a knack for melody and rock dynamics. Of course, I purchased the album and Puzzle has remained one of my favorite albums of all time.

Those opening four tracks, pretty much classic to me now - the bluesy Dorina, the powerful Mary Sunshine Rain, the psych-poppy Dog and the alt-countryish Dizz Knee Land - delivered an almighty punch which has to be heard to be believed! 

The rest of the album is a little uneven, although the lush Timothy and the pummeling Dim are standouts certainly. The album sold around half a million, not too bad numbers for an indie band (the album was released by IRS, best known for REM in the 80s).

The band continues to make music but never quite hitting the heights of Puzzle and I understand that they're putting together a new record soon. Should be interesting. 

Dada Records is long gone but the good times linger on in the mind...together with the music of Dada's Puzzle. Good times, indeed!

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