Saturday, September 11, 2010


Not in strict order of merit but here's a quick list - 

1. The Beatles

No surprise there, I hope. The one who made guitar bands cool again. 

2. The Beach Boys

Brian Wilson created true emo music and probably the best pop album ever - Pet Sounds.

3. Bob Dylan

Dylan elevated folk music into pop culture phenomena, went electric and people have been trying to catch up since...

4. The Who

Created the rock opera and the power trio for a slew of followers.

5. The Kinks

The quintessential English band.

6. Rolling Stones

Pop's dark princes.

7. Jimi Hendrix

The 1st genius of electric guitar.

8. Velvet Underground

Pop meets the underground. Literally.

9. The Doors

More than just a Jim Morrison vehicle, the Doors were consummate genre-benders.

10. Pink Floyd

From psychedelic pioneers to prog professionals, the Floyd's influence still extends far and wide.

11. Genesis

From prog to pop, Genesis covers enough ground to justify the closest examination.

12. Electric Light Orchestra

Jeff Lynne and company brought the Beatles' orchestral psych-fests to their logical conclusions.

13. David Bowie

The pop chameleon spawned a million and one genres. 

14. Roxy Music

Experimental and glam chic - the ultimate statement in rock cool.

15. Neil Young

The uncompromising anarchic rocker who succeeded on his own terms.

16. Todd Rundgren

The whiz-kid who mastered every musical challenge put before him.

17. Elvis Costello

Pub-rocker who ended up writing and performing with Burt Bacharach. Now that's versatility!

18. Joy Division

Where would modern rock/post punk revival be without Ian Curtis and company?

19. XTC

Severely under-rated pop masters with a capital 'P'.

20. The Jam

Much more than mod revivalists, the thinking man's post punk band.

21. The Police

Not punks (in any shape or form) but the Police defined the new wave in every other way.

22. Rush

Re-fined progressive rock into a palatable pop format, without sacrificing technique and verve.

23. U2

Ireland's finest became the biggest rock band on the planet.

24. Robyn Hitchcock

Standing on the shoulders of Dylan, Barrett and Lennon, Hitchcock made quirky folk-rock his own.

25. The Replacements

Raw and "in your face", proto-alt-rock at its best!

Not definitive of course... but a good start.

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