Thursday, August 19, 2010

Singer? Check. Songwriter? Check. Multi-instrumentalist? Check. Producer? Check. 
Is there anything Todd Rundgren can not do?
Pop? Check. Rock? Check. Prog? Check. Ballad? Check. Soul? Check. Electronica. 
Check check check.
Name the genre, Todd does it well. Well, much better than anyone should be allowed to, anyways.
Seems incredible, eh. Let's look at the evidence shall we?
I Saw The Light, off the Something/Anything? album is a slab of cool Philly soul music. The original recording was performed entirely by Todd himself. The single peaked at #16 but Todd had another single off Something/Anything? that did even better - #5 - Hello, It's Me.

True to his idiosyncratic manner, Todd performed his hit in glam outfit and makeup! Which served to alienate mainstream audiences - which was probably the point.
Todd followed up the gold success of Something/Anything? by recording two highly "alternative" sounding albums viz. A Wizard, A True Star and Todd.
More later.

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