Saturday, June 26, 2010


What a fabulous night was had by all who attended yesterday evening's OOOM (Originals Only Open Mike)! A fairly packed out Singapore Arts Museum Glass Hall witnessed an array of Singapore's best singer-songwriters including Adrian Jones (Basement in my Loft), Cove Red, Andie Francoeur (voted OOOMer of the night!) and of course, Nick Tan (featured artist for the night).

My latest protege, Debra made her debut as a singer-songwriter with her first original song - "Strangers" - an old school country ballad that might have ruled the country 'n' western airwaves in the 70s. Most who saw her were impressed and they would be correct to be, as I've been working with Debra only since February and she has grown in leaps and bounds. She still has a long way to go but the signs are indeed promising.

There were other budding singer-songwriters who shared their music last night. Quite a few with good potential like Eunice Keitan, a Canadian-born thrush with nice country-folk vibes. One to watch, for sure. D'fusion, an OOOM staple, have an easy manner in the way they express their music. The trio would need to work a little on their songwriting and delivery, though. That latter comment would apply to many who played last night and given some direction and know-how, these promising singer-songwriters could easily move into the next level.

Kudos once again to Jonathan How - OOOM organizer - for this ongoing unique promotion of songwriting in Singapore. It does warm the cockles of the heart to see the number of people willing to forgo their Friday nights to give support to our songwriters here. Indeed!

But what was truly great about last night was seeing many good friends and sharing time with folk close to my heart. And of course, the experience of seeing Debra take her first step in her musical career was priceless.

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