Thursday, June 24, 2010


Did that get your attention? I hope so. I have been (for the last five months) thinking that I should try to earn a living making music. But so far despite the early promise of music projects, its all been one big fat ZERO!

It's gotten so bad that at times I've seriously considered quitting the music scene altogether. But when I'm lucid I realize that "giving up" would make that much difference to the non-existent music scene anyway so why do it? You know what I mean?

I attended the press conference this morning wherein Midas Promotions announced SINGfest 2010. By all accounts, the organizers tried their best to paint themselves as "Singaporeans" (they're both Caucasians) and that despite the pressure to take the festival elsewhere they have decided to keep the SINGfest in SINGapore and that the festival was for SINGapore music lovers.

I don't understand why there is the need to belabor this point as isn't it all about money, anyway? I mean, why talk about organizing this music festival for SINGapore music fans and ultimately (if you can believe), SINGapore bands/artists when realistically, the main focus MUST be on profit-making. Honestly, nobody is able to make any real money from the SINGapore music scene at the moment so ...

As it is, the only proper supporter of SINGapore music for now is the SINGapore government. Really!?! Think about it, if not for Esplanade and *SCAPE, many SINGapore bands/artists (especially yours truly) would have no chance to play and the only reason that happens is because Esplanade and *SCAPE do not have to make any money from the SINGapore bands/artists. So in essence, we are a charity project.

Oh, I don't include the numerous bands/artists who play cover songs at pubs and clubs - they earn their way but only by repressing their own creativity and role-playing as a foreign song jukebox. Hey, I'm not dissing these hard working bands/artists - believe me, its not easy doing what they do - the commercial realities/environment dictates that unhappy state of affairs.

Sad but true and unless the mindset of the average music lover in SINGapore changes drastically, this sorry situation will always remain the same. Frankly, I am not optimistic that it ever will. So we should be content with the scraps that fall off the mainstream table to underground dogs like us. We can shrug our shoulders and maintain that it's all about the music because there is precious little else we can do about it.

Just count me out.

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