Tuesday, June 29, 2010


First off, this seems like a churlish comment about an event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of our local legends The Stoned Revivals but I really can't take to those half a day gigs that start at 4pm and end at 9pm. Primarily because they NEVER start on time and the duration of the gig gets prolonged.

Being World Cup season also did not help my cause and so at the Stoned Revivals farewell gig, I only managed to see the band's 1st set and Space Days. Actually, I arrived just before 7pm to catch the Great Spy Experiment and intending to leave after The Stoned Revivals.

But when I arrived at about quarter to, I was informed by Ade (BIML) that Stoned Revivals were setting up for their 1st set. Ah... naturally, it was a great set as the current lineup delivered a tight, groovy performance of soul-funk gems like The New Way, Slowest Song, Loose Boogie and so on. Space Days were next and though I thought it was promising garage-punk-pop, it sounded too close to the Arctic Monkeys for comfort. Then American David Knight came on, fiddled around with his gadget, sang to a minus one (meh!) and that was my cue out of the Substation.

Yeah, I missed GSE and the Stoned Revivals' 2nd set but was thrilled by the comprehensive collection of tracks contained in the CD-R given out by the band when paying my way into the venue. What an excellent discography! I believe the music is available free online but will confirm later.

I miss the band but knowing that they will continue to record in some manner is certainly heartening. Long may you run!

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