Friday, June 25, 2010


Last night, I attended a dinner ostensibly as a "thank you" from The Fire Fight. Besides the FF boys viz. Iain, JBarks, Josh and Jon, familiar music scene folks like Leonard (ubiquitous producer), Esmond (FF manager/Vertical Rush), Mike (Great Spy Experiment manager), Angel (backing singer), Amanda (ex-Electrico), Jon (Plainsunset), Teddy (sound guy) and John (Wake Me Up Music/*SCAPE) made the occasion a fun time for all as much good food was had, jokes were exchanged and juicy gossip was shared to the endless ringing of heavy laughter. Yup, you could say a splendid time was had by all.

Even as the night wrapped up and Mike kindly gave me a lift home, we wondered about which were the young bands that could step up to make a impact in the absence of The Fire Fight (and also Allura) whilst also mulling over Mike's choices for his ultimate S-ROCK all-girl supergroup. Yes, all heavy matters to ponder. Hopefully, we will find the answers sooner than later.

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