Monday, April 26, 2010


The last demo cassette I released was in 1998 - under The Crowd and called Blue. I guess its about time that I release new music in the spirit of the same format (as cassettes are virtually non existent) and so... "Hand To Mouth" which consists of five new tracks and a bonus live rendition of Gum, is the first in a regular EP series. 

Go get it at Bandcamp. Comments appreciated.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010


This song was first written last year and used the breakdown of a relationship as a platform to expand into the lyrical concepts presented. You know how sometimes, you can be very close to a friend and then for no rhyme or reason, that person is no longer as close to you as he or she used to be? Well, that's what the song is about. These things happen and you just move on, no need to obsess about how or why etc although that's partly the gist of what the character in the song is saying.

Anyways, I've probably played it live twice since writing it - first, at the Me & My Guitar Goes Outdoor at the Esplanade and then earlier this year at MTL's Chillax on the Green. Between the two gigs, I added in the middle eight as I felt that the song needed a little variation to alter the dyanmic somewhat. I think it worked.

So when Pat Chng asked if I'd like to be part of the S-Indie TV series and have a songs recorded on video I opted for Beyond the Ashes, because I think it sounds cool as an acoustic song. Hope I wasn't wrong. So check out the video below and thanks again to Pat Chng (as always) and to Walk On Music.

Comments, please.