Thursday, March 04, 2010


Alright, S-ROCK fans and completists, I have copies of the debut Popland CD, Groovy for sale. The album was recorded by Tim Nolan, Ray Aziz and myself and contains many of the tracks I still perform live (and more).

Released in 1998 by KAMCO Records, the album was described by noted music writer Gary "Pig" Gold in 1999 as "a more than delightful mixture of both out-and-out hop-rockin' treasures ("There She Stands" is no less than Spector-by-way-of-Searchers, complete with SoCal64-styled vocals) and gentle, acoustic-guitar-propelled wonders ("Here," "Past Tense" and especially the Townshend-esque "Beautiful" are the kind of powerfully understated works only Phil Angotti and Scott McCarl seem to excel at these days)." Read the entire review here.

Get a slice of S-ROCK history whilst stocks last! I'm selling the CD for S$13.00 which includes postage. NB. This only covers sales in Singapore.

Send me an email at info (at) powerofpop (dot) com and tell me you wanna GET GROOVY!!!

Thanks to Angela Chng.

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