Thursday, March 04, 2010


1998 was a bad year. The effects of the Asian financial crisis were keenly felt that year as Singapore went through a hard recession. Overnight, many people were retrenched and had their salaries reduced. This fact hit the entertainment scene hard and most of all, the Singapore music scene suffered greatly.

Of course, I decided it was time to self-release the debut album from Popland. Well, when I say Popland I really mean the Crowd. The Crowd had already released a demo cassette - the Modest EP (1995) and a full-length album - Pop (1997), to fairly indifferent response in Singapore.

When launching and promoting Pop, we'd managed to rope in Ray Aziz (Swirling Madness, Opposition Party) to play drums for us and it worked wonders! New songs were being arranged and performed (like Never Liked the Beatles and There She Stands) and ideas of a new album were being floated around.

But the clicher was that in 1998, I started working on the Power of Pop reviews site in earnest and managed to get in touch with various like-minded individuals in the USA. One of which, was Bruce Brodeen, owner of Not Lame, a power pop distributor out of Colorado. Bruce basically encouraged me to release a new album and distribute it in the USA. Only problem was the name - The Crowd - which was the same as another US surf-punk band and so, Popland was born.

The album was christened Groovy (in honour of the Pixies' Debaser - one of my favourite songs. Y'know, "girl is so groovy"). Anyway, we also got a mention in the Straits Times for all our endeavours. Click on the image below to read.

I am selling copies of Groovy for $13.00 (while stocks last). More details at info(at)powerofpop(dot)com.

For those of you who are attending any of the Noise showcases at the Concourse today, Saturday or Sunday, you can buy the CD from me at only $10.00. Come up and purchase a copy from me. I will take a photo of both of us and post it on this blog.

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