Thursday, February 04, 2010


As you, faithful readers, are probably aware, I write mostly reviews at the Power of Pop. But, I've always dreamed of being a story writer. Y'know, novels, screenplays, comic book scripts etc. The closest I've come is actually write a screenplay, which I believe might be in the Zhaowei database somewhere. Lost for all eternity, thankfully.

No, actually, I've written a couple of comic book scripts of superhero & fantasy characters. Never found a suitable (or willing) artist to flesh out those scripts though. There have been a few strips written by yours truly and drawn by Ric - Condom Boy, Ric & Roach and Debaser (all published in good old BigO).

And that's all...

Recently I came across a call for submissions for Singapore crime short stories. And I thought - why not? 2,000 words doesn't sound like a bridge too far. The deadline is in April 2010 and so I might actually take a stab at this. Maybe that will get the creative juices going. Will keep you folks posted on this.

In the meantime, let it be known that I am on the lookout for freelance writing assignments and if you're interested in engaging yours truly, please get in touch. info (at) powerofpop (dot) com.

I'll be waiting for you...

... and there's more ...

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