Thursday, February 04, 2010


This is the logo of the spanking new Timbre Music Academy (TMA). This is the place where aspiring bands/artists can learn their craft - relating to mastery over particular instruments - OR how to strum and sing. What gives TMA the edge over most music schools is that its not only about theory, as TMA students will also apply what they learn on the stage - at any one of Timbre's outlets! In addition, the trainers at the TMA walk the talk - folks like Jack & Rai (of erm Jack & Rai) and Sara (of 53A) for instance.

Yes, I will be involved in TMA with respect to songwriting. (Details to come...) That's right, another step in my grand plan to advance the cause of Singapore songwriting. Why songwriting? That's the topic of another post, I'm afraid.

In the meantime, check out TMA here and sign up for one of the interesting courses and stay tuned for more information on the songwriting courses I will conduct very soon.

... still there's more ...

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