Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Just realized that I haven't blogged about Saturday's Introduction to Songwriting workshop. So here goes...

Frankly, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was told a week before that only 15 tickets had been sold so maybe a small, intimate audience was the best I could hope for. In the end, it was double that. Which was very cool.

Initially I was also concerned whether I could fill up two hours properly and in the end I had to rush the talk to finish on time! Also, very cool.

The audience was made up of a interesting cross-section of folk of different ages and backgrounds. From young adults to senior citizens, I think at best I personally knew about five? Joyce, Des, Stella, Sam and Julian. Yeah, five! Mostly strangers then.

I was glad to have second son Zachary along to assist me, he did as he supposed to and I hope he enjoyed himself (and maybe learned something) as well.

So, this works! And folk will pay to watch someone (whom they don't know) ramble for two hours about songwriting. A future? Who knows but its certainly a direction I'm going to pursue...

... and there's more ...

Proper pix when I get hold of some.

Thanks to all that attended and of course, to Chloe, Gen, Angel and the rest of the Esplanade crew for an enjoyable day. You rock!!!

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