Saturday, February 20, 2010


You might say that it took me over 30 years to reach this point.

In that time, I have written many many songs - some of which have been played on radio, TV and in cinema halls in Singapore, Malaysia and overseas, recorded/released seven EPs/albums and performed at a variety of venues.

Above all, I am a songwriter and that skill, in a sense, defines me and gives me identity. To me, the song is everything, for the song makes us think, feel and move. Over the years, I come to appreciate how and why songs are put together - inspirations and mechanics.

So I believe that it is time for me to share this appreciation with those of you who are interested in songwriting. In that respect, I am working with several like-minded groups to advance the cause of songwriting in the Singapore music scene.

On a more personal level, I am keen on "mentoring" Singapore singer-songwriters to improve their craft - with a view to prepping their songs for recording. Much like I've been doing with my fantastic Noise apprentices in the last two years.

Its a 10-hour program that will cover the various aspects of songwriting, performing, arranging and recording that will bring the singer-songwriter into another level. Since I am more or less starting out with this new venture, for the next three months, I am offering this program for only S$500.

So please get in touch with me - info (at) powerofpop (dot) com - if you're interested in this program.

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