Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For many new & fledging S-ROCK bands, playing at the annual Baybeats Festival may just be the highlight of their "careers". Well, hopefully, its the stepping stone to something more. At worst, its an experience to remember.

Well, its that time of the year, where bands assemble before the Baybeat judges (Amanda Ling, Daniel Sassoon, Jon Chan & yours truly) to vie for a place on the Baybeats 2010 roster.

And so, the names of the bands shortlisted have been announced. Of the lot, the likes of Tacit Aria, Trella and Waiting for nothing are having a second go. Good for them - if at first you don't succeed... Few familiar names (to me anyway) e.g. Echo Oh Oh Oh (featuring current S-ROCK indie poster girl Inch Chua), Blind meets mute, Duxton Plains, MeltngSnow, Sixology, The zozi, We Gang (featuring Adrian Bestium of 90s band Rocket Scientist) and Closeapart (featuring Harold Seah of 90s band the Dongs!)

It's gonna be an interesting day, come 21st February - day of the auditions...

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