Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night I performed a proper set (two in actual fact) with Rachael for the first time. Sure, we did Love and Water, once or twice in 2008 whilst she was my apprentice. But this time, it was a proper gig.

And it was great fun to spend half the day (so to speak) with Rach - capping it off with a fine performance. Basically, we did share originals and covers between us over the course of seven songs, rehearsed the songs three times and we were sorted.

Was also a welcome change for me to focus completely on the piano which required re-arrangements of some of the songs - another plus!

Set list - Always On Your Side (Sheryl Crow/Sting), Here, Love and Water, I Love Singapore, Falling Slowly (Swell Season), Heart Conversations, My One & Only.

Thanks to Celina and Carrie for coming down.... and Marcus. I've posted highlights of the gig at Myspace.

... still there's more ...

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carrie said...

It was a cool intimate performance! Good sounds from Rachael and you.