Monday, January 11, 2010

I hate American Idol with a passion. Should I be bothered? What bugs me most is the marginalization of creative talent. Judges with dubious qualifications pontificate on singing and performing, reducing the music industry to a face, a look and a voice. What about artistry? Not important, of course.

Unfortunately, the Idol syndrome permeates throughout our own music industry here in Singapore. Thus, everything related to music somehow becomes a competition with judges and voting systems. Competition? How can you pit one song against another in competition? What is the criterion?


What you then get is a popularity contest, which is often determined by "popularity", not in the real sense of the word but how well you can muster your troops in ringing in the votes. All very self-serving and absolutely nothing about talent.


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Samuel said...

My relationship with AI is a tad more complicated. On one hand, I do agree with what you said about how the Idol system is too heavy on popularity and not enough on quality. On the other hand, there have been many memorable moments from AI that took my breath away. SI, er, not so much.