Saturday, January 16, 2010

An eventful week has passed since that last day. I did what I could to assist Celina and Narisa as they put the finishing touches to their respective tracks for the Noise CD. Overall, I must say that all things considered the results are promising.

Celina's "Cinderella" is a modern rocker that should appeal to fans of 90s alternative rock. It's got a bit of everything and Celina really threw herself into the emotive vocals, breathing life into her angsty lyrics.

Narisa's "Valentine's Day" is an intriguing lookback to 70s/80s pop-rock, with obvious nods to the Electric Light Orchestra. It is blessed with a catchy hook and clocks in at 2:32 for good measure.

I am extremely proud of both of them and they more than held their own despite my not being able to spend as much time as I would have liked with them in the last 10 weeks due to my work situation. It was fortunate that we pre-planned the song arrangements beforehand because I believe it truly paid off.

Credit also to Adrian of Backbeat Studios for his expertise, know how and amiable personality in bringing the girls through the experience as well. Always a pleasure to work with him!

Stay tuned for more of Celina and Narisa in the weeks to come...

... still there's more ...

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