Friday, December 25, 2009

So who are these blokes above? Unless you're working in the US film and music industries, chances are you haven't a clue. Answers below.

How about this lady? Yes, that's right, Celine Dion. Canadian songstress who has numerous hits under her erm belt, including the theme song of Titanic, My Heart Will Go On.

Where am I going with this? Well, recently I was watching MTV (yeah, right) and its 100 Greatest Hits of the 90s and got pretty annoyed about how much credit people were giving to Dion for My Heart Will Go On.

C'mon! Why should Dion get ALL the credit? Did she write the song? No! That particular kudos belong to James Horner (noted Academy Award-winning writer of the film scores of Beautiful Mind and Titanic) and Will Jennings (Grammy Award winning writer for songs like Clapton's Tears in Heaven). So yes that's Jennings on the left and Horner on the right.

Credit where credit's due. That's all I'm saying...

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