Saturday, December 19, 2009

Have you got +65 Indie Underground yet?

If not then, I strongly suggest that you do, as soon as possible. It is a veritable treasure trove of S-ROCK goodies, which you're NOT going to find anywhere else. Out of the 3 CDs, my personal favourite is the third disc. Not only because Watchmen is featured (though that doesn't hurt) but it brings together some of the truly classic S-ROCK of the 80s and early 90s.

Not only that but the sheer range of the music is impressive. From the folk-rock of Humpback Oak's, the shoegaze of the Pagans, the metal growl of S.U.D.S., the synth-pop of Convent Garden to the psychedelic blues of Nunsex.

But I would like to highlight a couple of standouts from a magnificient list. Radio Station is the first S-ROCK anthem as Joe Ng went from sensitive electro to flag-waving rocker. The lyrics still resonate - "We're so young/Have we got time?" - the song is worth the entire price of admission.

Listening to Zircon Lounge's Guide These Hands, it's amazing to consider that Chris Ho and gang recorded the song in 1984, when post-punk/new wave was not mainstream fare at all in Singapore. That said, I want to clear up that misconception that Zircon Lounge was the first alt-rock band in Singapore - that honour rightfully belongs to Transformer, right, Chris?

Disc 3 also features a couple of nostalgic nuggets like Oddfellows' Unity Song (although I'd argue that Lost My Head would have been the better choice), Nonames' My Mama, Twang Bar Kings' Daddy in the Lift (with Leslie on helium) and Daze's Sexy Little Boy (a #1 hit!)

Ah, memories... more to come on discs 1 & 2 soon...

Did I nag you about getting +65 Indie Underground yet? Go NOW!

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