Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eric Khoo's 1st two full-length features viz. Mee Pok Man and 12 Storeys were also significant for their soundtracks, which featured many S-ROCK bands. The two soundtrack CDs are, of course, now out-of-print and rare commodities. In the light of the new +65 Indie Underground release, it should be interesting to re-look at these two soundtracks.

The Mee Pok Man soundtrack contains mainly score written by John Kompa (with one contribution from yours truly). The rest features great tracks from the top S-ROCK bands of the day e.g. OP (Lonely Realm), The Oddfellows (Over Again/Foggy Daylight), Padres (Radio Station/Teenage Story), Stoned Revivals (Teenage Queen), Livonia (Venus Flytrap), Sugarflies (Be My Baby) and (ahem) The Crowd (I Love Singapore). Also included are a few oddities viz. a version of Corporate Toil's Hope and Requiem by June & CU 1359 (basically John Kompa and Joe Ng) and Little Girl Lost by yours truly. Not to mention a freakout version called Little Girlust from ETC.

Ah, nostalgia!

Two years later, many of the same bands also end up on the 12 Storeys soundtrack, a bit of a glossier affair than Mee Pok Man. Apart from a few piano pieces from yours truly and a new version of My One & Only from actress May Yee (which made the Top Ten Radio Charts again), the following S-ROCK bands were also highlighted - Humpback Oak (If I Am Weak/Stressed Out/Bridge), The Lilac Saints (Wasting Time), Stoned Revivals (Goodil), The Oddfellows (Breach) and Sugarflies (Wrong Again).

One regret about this album was the lost opportunity of My Life, the main theme of the soundtrack. Originally, I had conceived it as a moody atmospheric piece which Jacinta could really get her magnificent pipes around. Sadly, producer Martin Tang saw fit to turn it into a dance track much to my chagrin. I remember first hearing this version on a TV variety show and was aghast to see Jacinta (looking uncomfortable, it must be said) belt the song out surrounded by dancers. One day, I must record the song probably, maybe with Rachael...

With the promise of many S-movies coming out in 2010 and beyond, surely its time for S-ROCK film soundtracks to make their delayed appearance once again... I would loved to be involved in putting that together.

C'mon all you 90s scenesters, any comments about these soundtracks... memories!

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KiDG said...

Yeah that Meepok Man soundtrack was a good exposure for many S-Rock bands. Still own a copy on CD.

Sadly I didn't get 12 Storeys...