Saturday, November 14, 2009

My first ever (proper) gig performance was in 1976 in the auditorium at the Anglo-Chinese School at Barker Road. So perhaps it was rather fitting that the first gig performance of the Recidivists was at ACS at Barker Road again, although this time at its new premises. The occasion was this year's school carnival and a half hour set was requested.

We got to the school a little late and made our way to the stage (thanks to Faizal) and caught Keong, Jessica Soo and Kat Ong (and company) finishing their set. Cool 70s classic pop vibe with lovely vocal harmonies. We were going to be an altogether different proposition!

Sound-wise, it was tough to hear each other on stage but as seasoned pros, we managed to pull off a solid enough set and I believe that we gave a good account of ourselves. I was particularly pleased with our two originals, which I enjoyed immensely. Overall, the set was electric, rocking and loud and you could groove to it. Which points to an excellent sonic direction for the Recidivists. Expect the band to go full throttle in 2010.

Set list: -

Don't Look Back
Destination Ursa Major
Sink to the Bottom
It's Not A Fact
Golden Age

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Chris said...

"Administration" overhead: lends to your stage presence an Orwellian air of authority.