Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sinister Barrier

Too much music, too little time.
I said it before and I will probably say it again.
And again.
This album has been sitting in my “must listen” pile for months now and for one reason or another, never got taken out of the jewel case.
My bad.
So here I am kicking myself (well, figuratively) because Sinister Barrier is definitely one of the best albums of 2006. Alas, I only got to hear it in 2007.
In any case, let me attempt to put the record straight.
Ever hear music that delicately balanced the past and the future? Y’know, a song that sounded so futuristic but you could easily pick out the inspirations at the same time?
Yes, welcome to the Green and Yellow TV, a trio of smart musicians viz. Michael Regilio, Todd O’Keefe and Justin Rocherolle, that possesses the uncanny knack of referencing the best influences and yet remaining edgy and fresh throughout.
Enough hyperbole! Here is the album…
In many ways, The Green and Yellow TV remind me of Spoon and Nada Surf – that similar indescribable quality, mercurial & magical like listening to the early Beatles or Dylan circa 1966. Well, something like that.
I mean, the moment the Beach Boys vocal of “The Wolves Are Out Tonight” rises out of the phased-out rhythm guitar, I’m sold. Then it turns into a detuned psychedelic Nirvana workout… huh?
So, check those preconceptions at the door – there are no rules whatsoever – anything goes. Isn’t that what great pop music is all about?
Underpinned by lovely harmonics and unerring musicianship, Sinister Barrier is a joyride over seldom traveled pop highways that is always intriguing. A+

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