Sunday, November 04, 2007

Let’s Get Out of the Country
To be honest, I’ve always found Camera Obscura too much twee and not enough rock, which I suppose is absurd, cos twee is what Camera Obscura is all about. And, when Let’s Get Out of the Country lands into too many “best of” lists of 2006, it does make you wonder.
So, it was rather convenient when Singaporean indie label picked up the distribution rights for the album in my neck of the woods and voila! Better late than never, eh?
With Belle and Sebastian effortlessly worming its way into my albums of the year, I guess, it was about time to give Camera Obscura a chance as well.
What can I say?
Camera Obscura never rocks (not even once) bit does come close to rollicking, once or twice. But that’s forgivable, when this Scottish band manages to create a great melancholy country ballad like “Dory Previn” or a shimmering waltzing ditty like “The False Contender” or a fragile yearning like the title track and so on.
And what about Tracyanne Campbell’s heart-rending larynx on tracks likes the lively “If Looks Could Kill,” the revealing “Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken” and the Spectoresquely Irish “Come Back Margaret.”
This Singapore edition features two bonus tracks – the Everly Brothers’ tribute “Phil and Don” (remember Wings’ “Let ‘Em In”) and the jazzy “Roman Holiday” - try not to think of Audrey Hepburn! Not essential perhaps but something Camera Obscura completists may want to investigate.
All right, so maybe Let’s Get Out of the Country won’t get into my albums of 2006 but it warrants a honourable mention any way. A-

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