Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Fire Fight

I had the privilege of meeting up with guys from the Fire Fight and thoroughly enjoyed the two hours spent jawing with Josh, JBarks, Iain and Jon. As the interview proper is still in the works, I thought I'd publish the questions and answers exchanged with the band prior to meeting up.

Why music?

Music engagages people on a emotional level, which allows us to
connect to them personally.

In a cultural wasteland like Singapore, why not sports or studies or
misbehavior? And is music a passionate life calling or a casual hobby?

All the members in the band has a strong passion and dedication to
music . We don't believe that the artistic setbacks and obstacles
should be discouraging us from pursuing a career in music. No doubt
its a difficult journey where we have to find a balance in our daily
commitments and our basic financial needs. But we still believe in
what we are doing this for.
Well maybe we just don't excel in those areas (sports, studies, misbehaviour).

Is music a passionate life calling or a casual hobby?

Music is definitely a passionate life calling. We don't believe why we
should spend so much energy and time on meeting the benchmarks of
worldly requirements when we know that there is something bigger to
fight for in our lifetime.

Do you see yourselves still playing your music say in 5, 10 or 20 years time?

Of course! We hope that the fire fight will build a name in the local
music scene and hopefully still be musically active when we are all
60. Haha

Why play live?

That's where we can forge an experience with our listeners and be
physically available to relate with them. We love meeting new people
and friends and its only possible when we are around. There's plenty
to learn from others and we hope that we can inspire them in return.

What do you think people get out of watching you perform?

Woah, That's quite a difficult question to answer, maybe you should
ask someone who has experience the fire fight!

Is it about you or about them?

Its about all of us.

Who are you playing for?

No one in particular. We're playing for our hopes and future, for a
cause to inspire at the same time motivate and entice ones
emotions (positively) and outlook in life.

Who are you trying to please?

We don't write/perform solely to please anyone, but we definitely want
to send out a positive message through our musical craft. What matters
most to us is to see that our music has inspired others positively.
More importantly to instill hope for people to believe in.

How serious are you about songwriting/performing?

We are very particular about our songwriting and perfomance. The
entire proccess is a meticulous one which requires tons of commitment
and sacrifice individually.

Where does it stand in your priorities of life?

Below our priority of God, family and loved ones.

What do you have to say in your songs?

The context of our songs may vary. But ultimately, they are meant to
inspire hope and positive values.

Does your environment impact or influence your songwriting or is it
simply something you churn out - like a routine?

Our songs are not fully susceptible to environment or social changes
as we place high regards in the responsibility of our song writing.
Our songs are not meant to gratifying our own emotional or social

What does it feel like when a song comes together?

Its a feeling of fulfilment that you can get only from working as a
team fuelled by each individual's unique creativity and character.

You call yourself the Fire Fight - it implies a battle - to conquer or
to rescue?

To conquer and to rescue. Definitely serves both purpose of conquest and aid.

Does the Fire Fight have a mission? Is there a purpose or a plan - or
is it just something to do? Where does the Fire Fight stand in the
scheme of things - the Singapore music scene?

Yes we do have a mission. We together as a band hopes that our music
brings is able to bring about a positive change both in others and
ourselves.This definitely involves both a purpose and a plan. Missions
do not succeed without these essential trades.
Its still too early right now to be entirely certain where we stand in
the local scene. But we are definitely delighted to be part of it and
to be pushing its frontiers.

What does it mean to you to play Baybeats 2007?

We have been really blessed with oppurtunities so far. Baybeats marks
one of the highlights so far in our rather young journey as a band.

Does it signal arrival or take off?

Baybeats signals a prominent declaration of our arrival."The fire
fight has landed".

Do you guys see an album in your future - is it worth the time and
effort in Singapore?
We have plans to release an LP next year. Its definitely worth our
time and effort because its quite evident that there is a growing
support for local bands(more and more people are listening to local
bands). To maximize our effort further we would definitely want to
take our music overseas

How far would you go to become a success at music?

As far as it takes as long as it doesn't jeopardise our relationship
as a band, friends,family and values.

What is success anyways?

Success is measured not based on how much we achieved but on how we
have gained both individually and as a band. This not only refers to
our music as a whole, but it also includes issues such as our
individual character and conduct.

The Fire Fight seems quite prominent in the local indie scene at the
moment - how did that happen?

We ourselves are rather overwhelmed. We didn't expect our band to be
that prominent at such a short amount of time, unlike other bands
which had to go through a tough tedious journey before breaking out in
the scene. Maybe its because we went through about a whole year of
songwriting and rehearsals in the studios and when the time came at
the baybeats auditions, the final product blew the judges away some

We had no plans or intentions of 'exploding' in the local scene
through the auditions. We just wanted to see where we stood as a band
and just have fun at the same time. The outcome was really a big
surprise to all of us.

Hard work or good fortune?

Hard work.There is no such thing as fortune/luck when it comes to
music. We are all really tight on schedule as all of us are currently
serving our national service. Time is always not on ourside especially
when your entire weekends are spent rehearsing as a band and playing
shows. Not forgetting friends family and church commitments.
Occasionally we end up rather drained physically and mentally, but we
all know that through hard work,perserverence and dedication, we will
see results.

How would you describe your music to the uninitiated?

Our music is fresh, a unique form of indie music accompanied by great
amounts of energy and excitement!

Do you wanna inspire or entertain?

We want to do both. Music is meant to entertain. Inspiring people
comes from the message which we send out through our music.

If you could emulate one band, who would it be? And why?

There's no ideal band that can be emulated. There are many bands and
artists that have influenced and inspired us. We want to develop our
own sound and identity, at the same time meeting our goals.
There you have it, keep your eyes peeled for the interview piece to come. In the meantime, don't forget that the Fire Fight will be playing at Baybeats 2007 on 5th August at Nokia Arena from 7.30pm.

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