Friday, July 13, 2007

Infinity On High

Generation gap be damned! What are the kids listening to in 2007. Well, indie is fimly the new mainstream – though I am not sure what “indie” means anymore. Fall Out Boy is one of those new-fangled bands that have successfully translated alt. rock into stadium appeal by injecting the right amount of blue-eyed soul, hip hop & heavy metal chops into its basic emo structure. With hooks galore – “The Take Over, The Brakes Over” actually sounds like Hall & Oates – and old-fashioned epic ballads – Golden is so trad it’s shocking – not to mention full-blown orchestral conceits – Thanks for the Mmrs – FOB tries hard to cross over on as many fronts as humanly possible. It’s listenable no doubt, but sometimes it feels too calculated & cynical to be true. And too many repeated listenings are not encouraged.

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