Sunday, July 29, 2007


Deserter’s Songs

The breakthrough album – although, possibly predecessor See You On the Other Side marked the Rev’s true change in direction – where the Rev applied its avant garde, psychedelic sensibilities to country-folk rock blues to deliver a rich, textural – albeit left field – masterpiece which together with the Flaming Lips’ The Soft Bulletin heralded widescreen rock, building on the foundations of classic influences like John Lennon, Brian Wilson, the Band, Van Dyke Parks, Neil Young et al.
Songs like Holes, Tonite It Shows, Endlessly, Opus 40 deliver a ghostly Lennonesque presence aided and abetted by choice use of violins, double basses, flues, horns, whistles and saws. On the other side of the spectrum tracks like Goddess On A Hiway, The Funny Bird & Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp provide the upbeat pulse of the album and the balance that make Deserter’s Songs a thrilling ride throughout.

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