Friday, June 08, 2007


As promised....
The first video follows Wendy and Ros on a road trip to Malaysia. Wait... let me back up for the unintiated.
Wendy Cheng and Rosalyn Lee are Singaporean celebrities.
Wendy is better known perhaps as Xiaxue, a blogging phenomenom with more than 20,000 hits a day! Don't ask for a link because you won't have difficulty finding it. *Ahem* What makes Wendy/Xiaxue so popular? Well... she has interesting opinions which are funny and unique and honest but also controversial and you know what they say about controversy?
Ros is a DJ with Power98 and she has her own distinctive unforgettable personality.
Rub them together and you get a blazing inferno... heh!
Which was the premise behind Girls Out Loud, a reality show on Mediacorp (google it!) which lasted only one season due to Mediacorp's (alleged) discomfort with the subject matter...
And so... Road Trip is sort off season 2 of GOL... got that? Good!
.... and so, Wendy (with boyfriend Mike in tow) and Ros visit Malaysia and the 1st 5 min episode involves sex talk, dubious food and getting scammed by retailers. And oh yeah, I forgot, we follow Wendy into the ladies toilet. Art for art's sake!
The second video is a music clip of Ros and Wendy miming to Tokyo Drift - didn't do anything for me. Sorry, girls!
What you see is what you get... you either love or loathe them but you cannot ignore Wendy and Ros. See what I mean... click....

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