Sunday, June 17, 2007

Memory Almost Full
Hear Music

A lot has been said about Macca leaving EMI and signing with Hear Music, an imprint of Starbucks. But really it should only be about the music and seeing that I have never ever bought a solo McCartney album, I didn’t intend to purchase Memory Almost Full but when it appeared unexpectantly on emusic… it was too good to pass…
… and I like it. Macca sounds in good form, his vocals I mean and whilst there is nothing remotely ground-breaking (c’mon, the man is 64!) even the cynics will agree that tracks like “Ever Present Past,” “See Your Sunshine” and “Only Mama Knows” are highly pleasing. Like most solo Macca, the middle of the album sags badly; I personally found the 5-song suite terribly boring.
The closing “Nod Your Head” is a surprisingly discordant number, although slightly reminiscent of Helter Skelter, with sarcastically disdainful lyrics and maybe an attempt by Macca to show that he can buzzsaw with the best of them.
Give credit where it’s due, if any of the hitmakers of 2007 are still able to hold the media’s attention at any age past 50, then perhaps they would deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Sir Paul McCartney…

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