Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hearing David Morgan for the 1st time is indeed a revelation. This accomplished jazz pianist and producer made his pop-rock debut with "Ordinary Glory" and it is chock full of the kind of tunes that PoP regulars will warm up to instantly. David was kind enough to be the next in line for PoPINIONS.

Where do all those gorgeous melodies come from?

Music really is a language and I've been fortunate to have been exposed to so much great music in my life. I've learned a lot of different styles of tunes and songs, a lot of jazz,standards and classical music and have a pretty big storehouse of melodies in my brain. For me, a song is really about the melody. When I write a song, the melody usually comes first, but it's usually not premeditated. It comes when I'm driving my car or doing the dishes. Having a tape recorder around is the only way I ever remember anything.

Is songwriting a pleasure or hard work?

A little of both, but the work part of it is pleasure too. I love writing songs, I love the whole process. The fleshing out of an initial inspiration can be hard, but I try not to push it too much. These things come when they come.

Can you name an musical influence that most people won't pick up on & why?

My teacher when I lived in New Orleans, Ellis Marsalis. Everything about him is real and every solo he takes is so full of melody and swing. His playing and influence is pretty huge in every aspect of what I do.

Does being a accomplished producer in your own right make the recording process easier?

Yes and no. Making an album is another part of what I do that is great fun, even the sticky situations I find myself in sometimes. I'm not an engineer at all, so I really focus on the music, the songs and how to make a recording that will bring out the best in the song and the artist. My goal is to take an initial vision from the artist and hopefully get a finished product that is emotionally moving and better than anyone dreamed of. The right team is critical-engineers, players, songwriters... It's really a team effort.

"Ordinary Glory" is your debut solo release - why did it take so long as you have been playing since age 5?

I have three jazz CD's out. "Comment" from 1992, "Hands Of Time" from1995 and "The David Morgan Trio-Live at the Blue Note" from 1999. This is just my first pop release.

What next after "Ordinary Glory"? What would you like to achieve in your pop-rock career?
I have a whole album's worth of new songs that need lyrics. So, I'd like to finish writing and record it. I'd like to get on a label that can put some good solid promotion behind it. This next album will be more focused on the piano with less guitar overdubs and more stretched out solos. I'd like to record most of it live in the studio as opposed to doing it in pieces, like "Ordinary Glory". My pop career-good question. I'd like to build it up to a point where I can do theatre tours and sell them out and I want to continue to write songs and produce great artists, like Neshama Carlebach, who I've been working with for over 10 years. From an artistic standpoint, I want to continue to develop my music, never resting on anything for too long.

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