Wednesday, December 20, 2006


JEREMY Faithful and True (Jam) When I grow up I wanna be Jeremy. I mean, he’s a talented musician, genuine nice guy and a man of God. And also highly prolific! Faithful and True is the third volume in Jeremy’s worship and praise series and it’s different from the CCM, folks might be familiar with. It’s Jeremy’s patented 60s-infused jangle-folk-rock (with 70s prog underpinnings!) presented as love songs to the LORD. A powerful combo.

EVAN HILLHOUSE Self-titled (Striped Rock) On his debut CD, Evan Hillhouse references the Beatles, Jon Brion, the Zombies, Nilsson, Jellyfish, Bacharach, Jason Falkner and Queen. Literally and musically, no doubt, astute listeners will make the connection. Here’s the clincher, Hillhouse is fresh out of high school (the same age as my eldest son!) and plays every instrument here ala Todd Rundren & Prince. Hearing is believing!

THE ET AL Baby Machine (Monotones) This UK quartet draws heavily from the edgy, scratchy, big music of the post-punk era. Echo & the Bunnymen, U2, the Skids, Joy Division, Teardrop Explodes. In modern times, comparisons can be easily made with Radiohead, Snow Patrol and any number of shoe-gazing influenced outfits. Nothing particularly ear-catching but the insistent “Wardens” is a good starting point.

SCHNAUSER Kill All Humans (Pink Hedgehog) Is this an (in)joke? Because I find it a little hard to swallow that this collection of genuine-sounding freakbeat psychedelia was put together by a band from Armenia. Presumably it’s a project band featuring the likes of Anton Barbeau, Marco Rossi (Cheese), Geoff Cabis (The Bitter Little Cider Apples) and the like. So nod along like you get the joke and enjoy this crisp, authentic tribute to psychedelia.

ROGER TARRY Driving Song EP (Self-released) Where did this come from? This EP features three tracks of unbridled wild beauty – so fragile yet unrestrained. Softly whispered lyrics that recall Nick Drake or Tim Buckley – with pastoral soulfulness that beckons the listener to simply wallow in rustic contemplation. Understand that there’s an album out as well. Can hardly wait. Highly recommended!

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