Saturday, December 16, 2006


BIG LIFE DESIRE Your Love Is (Whimsical) English singer-songwriter Keith Harbottle is Big Life Desire and Your Love Is is Keith’s debut (3-track) single. The general vibe here is 80s post punk/new wave which is fine by me. Though the pleasant Your Love Is may be designated the A-side, it is the two B-sides that prick these ears. “In Pieces” has an interesting Asian flavour with a Blur bent whilst “She’s Got It All” is a catchy ditty, which recalls Ray Davies of the Kinks in his structure and delivery. A promising debut.

SNOW PATROL Eyes Open (Polydor) Building from the breakthrough success of Final Straw, Eyes Open has been declared a commercial and critical success on both sides of the Atlantic. Soaking in the indie rock anthems of “You’re All I Have” and “Hands Open,” it’s not difficult to understand its mass appeal. And when the repertoire includes a radio-friendly ballad like “Chasing Cars”… Mixing up the agreeable reference points of U2, Catherine Wheel, Coldplay and Keane, this British outfit has struck gold with a formula that works and how!

KLAATU Sun Set 1973 – 1981 (Bullseye) Truth be told, while I have heard of Klaatu (the Beatles “association” and all that), this collection of previously unreleased (on CD) pre-Capitol singles, rarities and outtakes represents my first exposure to the band. What an introduction! Lovingly collected by the folks at Bullseye, Sun Set is a wondrous demonstration of the inventive pop genius of John Wolocshuk, Dee Long & Terry Draper. Guess it’s time to do everything in my power to get hold of all those Klaatu albums, proper.

JAMES COOPER Second Season (Paisley Pop) So even powerpop has gone global. Cooper is Australian-born, residing in England and his album is released in the US of A! To be accurate, Cooper does keep Second Season eclectic with a generous helping of country, folk & jazz ballads mixed in with the powerpop guitar rockers. Sure, you’re gonna be bopping to the energetic “Everything To Everyone,” the feisty “Christine” and especially the standout cut “Love In London.” And then mellow out with the lovely sentiments of “Beautiful As You,” “When the Wall Came Down” and “Sammy.” First class!

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