Thursday, October 19, 2006


I have been a fan of Doug Powell since Bruce Brodeen sent me a comp copy of Curiouser. Like any lover of good music, Powell's 'retirement' from music making came as a shock but until Powell changes his mind, we have the new Four Seasons compilation to tide us over. Powell shared with us a little bit of where he's at, in 2006.

How did the idea for Four Seasons come about?

Over the course of my career I ended up with a number of songs that were left off records that I still liked and didn't want to see orphaned. At the time I decided to stop making records I thought I'd clean house and make sure they got a hearing.

Were you self-conscious about releasing the New Cars demos when it probably does not truly represent the music of Doug Powell?

Yes, I was self-conscious, but not because I thought it didn't represent me. In a way, it does represent me. I grew up loving the Cars and in my early songwriting attempts even tried to write like Ric Ocasek. So that stuff is part of my grammar. Lyrically, it was constricting because my normal style would not be appropriate for a band that had already established such a distinct style. And at the time the band wasn't the New Cars as we know it now, it was to be the Cars picking up where they left off. So I was striving for a significant continuity while trying to make it fresh. The reason I was self-conscious is because I did not want the release of the songs to seem like there was bad blood after I didn't get the gig. I simply liked the songs and thought they should see the light of day.

How come it took so long for the songs from Venus DeMilo's Arms to be released outside of Japan?

Well, the cost of printing a cd is the same no matter how many songs are on it, but nobody wants to pay full price for a cd with four songs. And no label wants to sell a cd for less than full price. This cd was the perfect way to finally get them out at a reasonable price.

Can fans expect any more unreleased (or even new) recordings in the near future? Or is Four Seasons really the final word on your recording career?

There are not many other unreleased recordings, so no. As far as new recordings, some days I can see it happening and on others I couldn't care less if I ever played again.

Your first book has just been published - tell us a bit about what this book is about and if we can expect more books from you?

The book is on Christian Apologetics (apologetics means "defense") and is called the Holman Quicksource Guide to Christian Apologetics. It's a cumulative case argument to show that Christianity is a reasonable thing to believe and is based on real history that can be investigated. Each chapter presents a different argument for a different facet of Christianity and they are organized so it moves from the most broad questions (Does God exist?) to specifically demonstrating for Jesus as who he claimed to be - God incarnate who came to bring salvation.
I am working on another book that deals with how Christians should engage the culture, particularly pop culture. is the place to be if you wanna read the review.

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