Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I like Andy Chase. Not only is he one-third of Ivy and a producer of cool bands, he is a singer-songwriter in his own write - Brookville - and has released his sophomore album, the 80s Brit rock-inspired Life in the Shade (review at Andy was also kind enough to agree to be the latest guest on the PoPINIONS show...

What are the differences between recording Ivy and Brookville?

Ivy is a true democracy. Any idea I have gets "reviewed" by Dominique and Adam, so nothing slips by unnoticed. We are constantly challenging each other and forcing the bar to be raised higher and higher. It's definitely a recipe for pulling out the best we have to offer...but it can also be frustrating because for me it's not always about the result, but rather the process. In Brookville it's really just me, for better or worse. Any idea goes straight from my brain to becoming a recorded track in a song. It's incredibly satisfying. You end up with what exactly what you had envisioned for the song. Creatively I think it's a more pure process and the result is something that might be closer to the way I'm first hearing things in my head.

If you had to, how would you define the music of Brookville?

Slightly Chill, moody pop that's great to have sex to??

What would you say were the biggest inspirations behind the songwriting on Life in the Shade?

I really wanted to make an album that stood on it's own as far as songwriting - like Coldplay or Deathcab For Cutie; that had all the moodiness of more left-of-center bands like Alpha; and that still took it's inspiration for production bells & whistles from older groups like The The.

Who do you think listen to Brookville and come to the shows?

Seems like a pretty wide variety as far as I can tell. 18 to 35-ers pretty much covers it, though I've spotted my parents there a few times....

What do you hope to achieve with Life ine the Shade and what are your plans next?

I just want to be recognized as someone more than just the guitar player standing behind Dominique in Ivy. I'd like to look back on my life and see that I had a voice and a few things to say about the world and myself that won't make me cringe years later. I hope Life In The Shade is the first step in that direction. I'm going on tour with Tahiti 80 this November 2006...then looking to tour again in early 2007.

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