Friday, July 28, 2006


Spinning Jennies, one of San Francisco's most revered and long-lived power pop bands has just released Full Volume: The Best of Spinning Jennies. The 18-song set includes all the best tracks from the Jennies' five-album well as four additional bonus tracks and previously unreleased material.
Spinning Jennies' 11-year career (spanning 1993-2004) yielded five full-length albums, appearances on numerous compilations, countless live shows in the Bay Area (including BAM Magazine's Diamond in the Rough Showcases) and tours throughout the Western U.S.
As a no-nonsense power trio, the Jennies sound embodied the cornerstones of classic power pop: big chiming guitars, driving rhythms, soaring vocal harmonies…and the ever-important melodic hook. Through the years they have received comparisons to bands like The Posies, Redd Kross, Cheap Trick, Sloan, Matthew Sweet, Husker Du and 70s power pop icons the Shoes.
With nearly all of their original albums now out of print, Full Volume is finally here to give Jennies fans and newbies alike one last big money shot of classic San Francisco power pop!
For additional information, contact:
Jeff Shelton
c/o Cool Buzz Records
(650) 654-1241

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