Friday, June 30, 2006


Excerpted from the latest emailer from Joyce Linehan at Ashmont Records:

“The title of the record is NOT “Ascending/Maintaining,” as has been previously written.  It is “Live a Little.”  “Ascending/Maintaining” will hereby become known as the great lost Pernice Brothers record.  Only you and I will know that it does not exist.  Ebayers beware.  The release date of the real record is September 2006, but I do not know which of September’s two release dates we will actually make, because we are at the mercy of the schedule of the one and only Bill Inglott, at whose feet we scrape and bow, who will be mastering this one.  
The lineup this time around included Peyton Pinkerton, James Walbourne, Patrick Berkery and Bob Pernice on their usual instruments, with Joe Pernice playing bass in addition to the stuff he usually does.  Kara Pernice Coyne and Anne Pinkerton make vocal appearances.  And Mike Deming did the string and horn arrangements.  That’s right, strings.  And horns.  The record was produced by Mike Deming and Joe.  It was a tearful reunion for Mike and the Pernice Brothers, who haven’t worked together since “Overcome By Happiness,” but they hugged it out, and once all the tears were dried, they rocked.”

So mark your calendars PoP kiddies…

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