Thursday, June 22, 2006


Those of you out there who are wondering what the rock music scene might be like in Singapore would do well to check out the Singaporean online zine Aging Youth. Here's the blurb for the new issue 24: -

Aging Youth speaks to indie veterans Astreal about their 2nd albumFragments Of The Same Dead Star and the journey they took to finish thealbum. We place singer-songwriter Len from mid-90’s pop rock act PeculiarRemedies under scrutiny to find out more about his life as a UK-basedSingaporean solo act and his sophomore EP It’s Beautiful. Finally, anotherindie veteran act Ecrus Garage shares with us what keeps them going afterall these years. It’s an issue about old-timers.In our Reviews section, we check out Astreal’s highly anticipated releaseFragments Of The Same Dead Star, Ecrus Garage’s latest single Oceans andTien’s debut effort Trailing the Idyllic Eclat Nova.K. Vicious comes back with Beck on his mind, and in his dreams. Read aboutit at Avanti! this issue.For this issue of Gear Gawk, we checked with our gear whoring friends onthe single piece of equipment they can’t live without.

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