Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Okie-dokie, here's one from 1995 (I think!)...

You would think that a band with a signature tune like Caught by the Fuzz would be singing the praises of The Who and The Jam. Instead, the biggest influence that Supergrass will confess to is JJ Cale! Whilst this odd reference would evoke impressions of Eric Clapton (ugh!) and Dire Straits, truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
However, this anomaly perfectly sums up the collective of Gaz Coombes, Danny Goffey, Mick Quinn (and 'unofficial' 4th member Rob Coombes) that is Oxford's finest pop combo.
This spanking new eponymous third album finds the 'Grass continuing the fine work of the last album, In It For the Money and is reassuring to their admirers that the latter's excellence was no fluke.
From the resplendent string drenched grace of new single Moving, through the easy West Coast vibe of Shotover Hill and the experimental shoe-gazing epic Eon, from the throbbing glamfest Pumping on your Stereo to the groove-laden riff-o-logy of Your Love - Supergrass is a stunning coup, a triumph of time-tested musical values over the bandwagonesque quick-fix formulas that plague the mainstream arena. At the risk of sounding corny, Supergrass is very much 'The Real Thing'. Where they move on from this point will be an intriguing proposition and challenge…

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