Sunday, April 16, 2006


Random thoughts on a few albums (dating from 2004), I picked up cheap recently.

The Thrills – Let’s Bottle Bohemia (EMI)
“A classic debut album from a big talent to watch out for” is how I described The Thrill’s debut CD – So Much for the City. Yet, I just could not bring myself to purchase the follow-up when it was first released. For some reason, I dunno, maybe the sleeve artwork turned me off – it happens! Sad to say, my instincts were spot on. Let’s Bottle Bohemia is a pale shadow of the wondrous debut as if Conor Deasy and pals ran out of ideas the first time out. The songs all sound the same…well, that’s an exaggeration but what I do mean to say is that the concept of reviving the West Coast sound of the mid-70s is an ace one in my book, long as you have the tunes and arrangements to keep things interesting. No thrills here, not even cheap ones. Sad.

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