Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Soundtrack of my life (1)

The early 80s was an exciting time for me. I had started getting serious about collecting records and this was aided by a cool import store that brought in a lot of the British ‘new wave’ bands that I read about in Record Mirror, Sounds and of course the NME. One of these bands was the Psychedelic Furs. The first I noticed the Furs was a record review of Forever Now - a positive one. Never bought it until a few months ago – better late than never. But when Mirror Moves was released in 1984, I picked it up and it became my obsession that year. The opening track did the trick for me – “The Ghost in You.” I recently read in PCP that Robyn Hitchcock dug it as well! Sure, it contains all the drawbacks of 80s production but somehow it just works: Richard Butler’s cool vocals, that gorgeous synth line and those wonderful lyrics. The rest of Mirror Moves follows the formula somewhat but each song is a classic. The Furs have never scaled those heights since – although Love Spit Love came closest. Songs like “Here Come Cowboys,” “Heaven” and “Alice’s House” remain my favorites. Finally picked up the CD reissue and was disappointed by the sound quality but those magic songs…

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